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Blog The smartest packing list for Kilimanjaro Climbing: Increase your trekking experience up to 100%

The smartest packing list for Kilimanjaro Climbing: Increase your trekking experience up to 100%

Packing is the first step of preparation that a person does after planning a trip. A perfect and smarter packing list can add much better experience and color in your journey for Kilimanjaro. Trekking is the way of exploring the mountain with fun and adventure, so never let any problem come into this process. Accurate trekking needs every small thing that you don’t think as vital. Commonly everyone takes their clothes, boots or shoes, jacket, and other small trekking equipment. so here we have presented a few essential packing list for Kilimanjaro climbing.

Are you planning for Climbing Kilimanjaro? If yes, do you know what are the essential things that you need to take for having a  100% successful trekking? If no, then here you will get answers to the entire question coming to your mind. There are some essential trekking gears, clothing, and extra gears , that you need to carry with you.

 Listed down are some of the important gears you need:-

Taking the essential gears

Some important gears for Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing are camping gear, clothing gear, and trekking gear. Here the camping gears consist of camping tents, thermal sleeping mats, good quality sleeping bags, and sleeping bag liner. Whereas the clothing gear divided into two sections footwear and clothing. Here footwear composed of trekking boots, thermal shocks.


Clothes play an important role in trekking as they cover the whole body from head to toe. Coving the whole body is necessary because it will help you to prevent the extremely low temperature at a higher altitude. So, what should you wear that can defend -10 degrees isn’t it questionable? Your answer is a vest, fleece, insulated inner coat, tight skin compressing clothes, hand gloves, lightweight trousers, underwear, water-resistant jacket, walking boots, balaclava, woollen cap, sun hat, and scarf. Wearing these all things in a proper layer will help you to survive at a higher location.


Inner (comfortable and lightweight cloths)

Sportive inners work better than the normal inner, as they can soak the sweat faster without producing odor smell, as well as they, are comfortable to wear. You should carry three to four inners together so that there will be no problem of changing. 

Middle (full sleeve shirt or woolen cloths)

The middle layer should be composed of lightweight tight-fitting woolen products, covering from the upper part of your body to the toe. The middle layer will be worn above the underwear. Wear a trekking t-shirt above the inners, it’s being advised to wear 4 nos. of half a t-shirt and 2 nos. of full sleeve t-shirt. If you wear a lightweight polyester or nylon t-shirt then it will be much better to get it dried.

Upper (rain protection)

On the upper layer, you should wear a pair of insulating jackets and a waterproofing jacket. The upper layer clothing is quite heavier in comparison to the lower one. The upper layer resists you from water and temperature keeping your body dry and normal.

Gloves and glove liners

    Generally, Gloves have two layers, inner and outer layers. Be sure your inner gloves should be made up of silk and cotton so that it will resist sweat as well as keeps your hands warm. Outer gloves should be made up of thermal and insulating material as well as it should be waterproof so that it will not let water to get inside and inner heat will not go outside.



Throughout the Kilimanjaro Routes, you will be viewing many amazing things that you don’t want to forget, even if after climbing some distance you would like to upload the update of your trip. These things can be only possible if you carry some essential gadgets with you like cameras, smartphones, extra batteries, power banks, etc.



To capture all the fascinating and wonderful images of Climbing Kilimanjaro you need to carry a digital camera. If you carry some extra lenses for your camera then that will better for you. It’s better to carry a water-resistant camera so that it will work perfectly even if at a higher altitude. 


During night time when there will be dark or dim light then to see the things before you need to fit a headlamp on your cap. Your headlamp should export beam light because scattering light can blur the view.

Solar charger

A small solar charger fitted with a mini solar panel can help you to generate charge during this long trip so that you can charge your digital devices easily. Also, your solar charger fitted with a lamp can help you to glow light during the night.

Extra batteries

Extra batteries are required for your digital camera and headlamp, as this is a long trip of 5 to 7 days so your cameras cell can get drained. To keep clicking continually at any layer you should carry some extra cells.

Choose the Right footwear

Choosing the right footwear or can be said as choosing the accurate hiking boot is one of the tricky and prior tasks. Hiking boots are the best for Climbing Kilimanjaro, before purchasing or renting a pair of hiking boots you should check the compatibility, comfort, fitness, material, soul, inner cushion and water sustainability. These factors are the most necessary things for hiking shoes which will make it durable.


Med Kit

Various consequences can affect you during Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing, so to tackle these situations and keep on your adventure you are needed to carry a medkit or a first aid kit. Your med kit should have bandages to heal the cut, antiseptic cream to repair the damage, Diamox to make you feel comfortable at a higher altitude, and have the vaccination of cold diseases. 


You should carry bandages into your kit so that if by chance you get any scars and cut then it can easily hold up your tissue resulting in healing it and prevent any further infections.

Antiseptic cream

Antiseptic creams can prevent you from harmful effects of cut, wounds; insect bites, and burns, So that you will not get a bacterial attack and much damage on your body which can make you weak.


Diamox is a tablet used to treat altitude sickness. At higher altitudes, while Climbing Kilimanjaro you may face some of the problems like short breathing as there is a lack of oxygen, vomiting, headache, and unconsciousness. To treat all these symptoms, you can have a Diamox.

And other vaccinations

Some necessary vaccination to be taken while Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing is Tetanus to prevent you from any effect of the cut and burn, insulin against hepatitis A as well as b. Also, you should take polio, rabies, and typhoid vaccines. These vaccinations will keep you safe throughout the journey.


Take your toiletries like handwash, soap, and sanitizer so that you can wash away the germs after doing the toilet. These will also save you from consuming unwanted bacteria with food particles.


Sleeping bags

A thick thermal bag made up of high-quality insulating materials keeps you warm during very low temperatures at night. There is a large variety of sleeping bags available in the market so you should choose the one which will make you feel comfortable.

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