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Blog How Lions Hunt Their Prey? Watch these 3 incredible videos

How Lions Hunt Their Prey? Watch these 3 incredible videos

The lion is called the “king of the beast” for a reason…Living in the grasslands, scrub, and open woodlands of Tanzania lions are considered as one of the deadliest hunters of the cat family. Mostly when safari lovers think about Tanzania Destinations, 2 things blink in their mind; the majestic lions and Serengeti National Park. It is the most fascinating thing to watch at any time how lions hunt their prey by making a proper strategy and teamwork

Tanzania has the largest lion population in the whole continent of Africa. Out of 16 national parks, 9 parks are home to the lions. Travelers planning for Tanzania Safari Tours tick the African Big Five in their list to meet in Tanzania and the iconic amongst the Big Five family is the lion.

This king of beast drags everyone’s attraction due to many reasons and the best is their hunting trick. This social animal always tends to stay in a family group called pride and hunts in a group too. Here are some stunning videos of lions in action.

Lions are highly social & rely on teamwork


Lions are the most sociable cat species and live in a group called pride. A pride consists of 30 or more lions including male, female and cubs. Mostly the male lion takes care of its territory and cubs where the females do the hunting. Both the male and female lions have a very powerful roar that can be heard up to 8km of their territory.   

They believe in teamwork, so mostly the lioness of pride goes on hunting together.

Here are details about the Amazing teamwork Of Lions.

They stalk their prey & make strategies

Like the other Felidae( family of cats) lions are also stealth hunters & attack on their prey in a very strategic manner. Lion’s hunting strategies change according to the size and strength of the prey.

They tend to hunt in a group and most of the time they like to attack the weaker ones or babies. The prey like buffalos, zebras, giraffes or antelopes graze in groups too and they are too fast runners. The lion prides usually jump on the slow one, the strongest lion used to capture and the rest of them join afterward in the hunting session. 

Watch the furious stunt of a lion pride

credit: BBC Earth

Like other felines, they are stealth hunters

Lions hunts in dark is a myth, they also hunt in broad daylight, however in dark they prefer to hunt as it’s easy for them to track their prey. As they hunt in groups they always make strategies. They have intense stalking tricks as their skin color mixes with the savannah grasses it became easy for them to hide. Once the lion is sure it can catch the target it will jump off on its prey.

credit: BBC Earth

They are the extremely patient hunters

Lions have extreme patients when they hunt. They don’t just show off their appearance, mostly they used to hide as long as possible till their hunt doesn’t come much closure. If the preys will see any kind of movement in the suburbs they will start running, hence lions hide till their targets don’t get busy in eating. Once they get sure they can catch the target they will attack in a planned manner. They tend to round up their target from different directions and hunt the prey.

It’s the Lioness, not the Lion

It’s the lioness who takes the charge always. The hunting process of lion prides is quite interesting; the male lions participate or charge the hunting very rarely. It’s the lionesses of pride who take the charge always. Hence, lionesses are counted as the deadliest hunters. Sometimes lions too participate in the hunting but the main roles of male lions are guiding their territories and cubs.

The eating pattern after it get hunted

 Once they have a successful encounter, the whole pride comes near the food. Though the female lions do the hunting, the male lions are the ones who eat it first. Afterward, the female lions and cubs join the feast whatever is left by the male lions.

Watch a few furious action moments here;

credit: Brianelli123

Here is a few detailed information about the majestic animals you can meet on your Tanzania Safari Tours, probably the best action to enjoy on safari. There are millions of people choosing Tanzania Destinations as their holiday gateway to witness some of the magical moments like this if you are also looking for spotting the best of Tanzania plan your trip with Snow Africa Adventures

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