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Serengeti National Park

Destination Overview

Serengeti is unarguably the best national park in Tanzania. Situated on the northern circuit of the country the Serengeti national park attracts thousands of visitors worldwide. Offering untamed game-view and spectacular natural sensation the national park is the gem of the crowned country Tanzania.

Every year there are more 350,000 visitors plan their Tanzania Safari Tours into the national park. Accessible throughout the year the national park is well-known throughout the world for its stunning great migration. Serengeti Ecosystem lies between the Mara and Simiyu regions of northern Tanzania.

Once was the homeland to the ethnic Masai tribe, now is the hottest tourist destination of Tanzania. The Serengeti national park got its name from the Masai word Seringit, which means the land that never, ends. As the national park acquires a vast field of savannah while standing in the middle of the land it feels that the land is rolling forever.

The Serengeti National Park was designated as a national park in 1981, before that it was designated game reserve and used for hunting purposes. The first American who entered Serengeti was Stewart Edward White in 1913 and again returned in 1920 and camped for 3 months. During the 3 months, he and his friends shot 50 lions.

In 1959, the area was freed from Maasais and they were shifted towards the Ngorongoro Conservation area. Serengeti became only a place for the wildlife then. The national park got its true reorganization after Bernhard Grzimek and Michael, a father-son duo wrote a book on it. They as well produced a film together on Serengeti. The film was an important piece of nature conservation documentary at that time.

The Serengeti national park can be divided into 3 sections- Serengeti plains, Western corridor, and Northern Serengeti. Serengeti plains are the land that is mostly treeless grassland. You can spot various antelopes like hartebeest, gazelle, impala, topi, zebra, buffalo, and waterbuck. While the western corridor is covered by savannah plain the Northern Serengeti ranges between open woodland and hills.

The Serengeti national park offers a good chance to spot some of the endangered species of Tanzania like black rhinos. The national park’s best attraction is the dense population of lions. The national park has the highest concentration of Lions in the country.

Serengeti is also a great place to meet the African Big Five. Not only the wildlife but also the birdlife with 500 species is truly spectacular. You can spot some iconic birds like;

The Serengeti national park is world-famous due to the Great Wildebeest Migration that takes place every year. During the dry season, 1.5 million wildebeest followed by 200, 000 zebras and other plain games march towards Kenya. They start this journey in search of fresh grass and water. The journey from Serengeti to Masai Mara Reserve is the most iconic. To witness this spectacular show every year thousands of visitors fly to Serengeti.

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