Affordable African Safari packages

Terms & Conditions


A 20% deposit require after confirmation of the trip to secure the booking. The balance due is 30 days prior to arrival. Please note this 20% deposit is non-refundable as will be using for Lodges and hotel bookings deposits.

How to send funds:

As you are visiting our website, see details to send funds. We accept credit cards like Visa, Master cards and PayPal. Bank-to-bank wire transfer is the other method for your funds to reach us safely. All about funds are on our website. Snow Africa Adventures shall not be responsible for any loss of Client money sent outside our website details.

Cancellations policy

We don’t love cancellations but as we are human beings, we don’t know about our future. So anything can happen and the Client may cancel the trip.

  • 90 days prior, 20% charged
  • 89-60 days prior, 30% charged
  • 59-40 days prior, 40% charged
  • 39-40 days prior, 50% charged
  • 20-7 days prior, 75% charged
  • 6-1 days prior, 100% charged.

If the Client/Agent booked let’s say 6 days safari and use only 4 or 3 days safari, just because he/she is tired, Sick, injured, not interested or saw everything and wants to make the trip shorter no refund for unused days or portion same as Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru treks,

The prices are based on the total number of tourists in the group. If happen others cancel in the group, the prices might change.

Rules and regulations.

All tourists/Clients are subjected to obey the laws while in National Parks. Do not feed wild animals, you ruin their natural habitats. Do not litter the Park. Follow the instructions given by your guide.


The tourist/Client should understand that all tours are of an adventurous nature and may involve a personal risk. Neither the Company nor any of the Agents can be held liable in any way for any injury, loss of life, damage to property, or theft, or howsoever caused.

The client hereby indemnifies the Company and will hold the Company, its agent, assigns and servants harmless from any such claim. The client accepts full responsibility for all risks involved.


It is misunderstood nowadays many Tourists think a lot about tips.

Don’t think as if tipping is part of the payment to our crew. We pay our workers and enjoy working with us. Tipping is thanks after work and not mandatory but very important to African People.

Below is the tipping guideline. Please note; this tipping guideline is just to show the way you can tip BUT, you may tip less or more depending on your budget and appreciation.

  • Head Guide 20-25$ per day from the group for Trekking.
  • Safari Guide 20-25$ per day from the group for Safari.
  • Other guide/s 15-20$ per day from the group for Trekking
  • Chef 15-20$ per day from the group for Trekking and Safari
  • Porter 7-10$ per day from the group for Trekking
  • Hotels/Lodges Porter $2-5 from the group for Trekking
  • Airport transfer driver $5-10 from the group
  • City Guide $10-20 from the group
Florent Ipananga
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