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Katavi National Park

Destination Overview

The Katavi National Park covers approximately 4,471 square kilometers area and is the 3rd largest national park of the country. The park is surrounded by the Katuma River, Lake Katavi, and Lake Chada floodplains.

Katavi is one of the finest yet remote parks of Tanzania. The Katavi National Park was established in 1974. It is located in the Katavi Region of Tanzania. The national park is truly remote. It welcomes around 3 thousand to 4 thousand visitors yearly out of 900,000 visitors coming to Tanzania.

The national park is accessible through chartered flights. You can be catching a chartered flight from Dar es Saalam to Katavi. There are 3 airstrips operating between these 2 places;

Mbali Mbali Shared Charter (operated by Zantas Air Services)
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Auric Air
A chartered flight from Dar es Salaam takes approximately 3 hours. The Katavi national park is also accessible via roadway. The drive will take you through quite scenic paths. A drive from Mbeya town to Katavi is around 550km.

The Katavi National Park offers great diversity in its vegetation too. You can discover a long golden-grass field and varied woodland During Your Tanzania Safari Tours where the most amounts of games can be discovered.

The highlight of the Katavi National Park is the decent amount of hippos and crocodiles playing in the drying muddy pools. The Katisunga plain of the national park is the best spot for viewing game.

The national park offers to meet diverse wildlife. You can spot large herds of Cape Buffaloes, zebras, wildebeest, giraffes, and elephants along with the predators like cheetahs, wild dogs, hyenas, leopards, and lions, etc.

You can spot more than 400 birds inside the Katavi National Park. Few notable birds in the parks you can spot are;

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