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Kilimanjaro Rescue

Guide Description

Kilimanjaro Rescue procedure is performed when customers can’t continue any further in Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Our chief guide will then assist you to to return back to the gate or will take care of them or provide medical assistance.

Although Kilimanjaro is a relatively safe mountain trek and no technical climbing skills are required to reach the summit, anastounding 40-50,000 people climb Kilimanjaro every year. Snow Africa Adventures Mountain Rescue Kilimanjaro is considered extremely efficient taking in to account the risk that climbers face on other high-altitude climbs.

In case of emergencies, the Kilimanjaro Rescue operation is the immediate action that we take on the high summits. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro that touches 5,895m height is a dream amongst many trekkers, but the challenges that this trek poses is quite high. Our professional Kilimanjaro Guides can resolve this issue. They provide all our clients with excellent Kilimanjaro Guided Tours so that they are encouraged to reach the summit.

Apart from this our Kilimanjaro Search Rescue program is tuned to evacuate on emergency provisions, people facing Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). In a year more than 1,000 people get evacuated due to Kilimanjaro altitude sickness.

The most important Kilimanjaro Faq is regarding the Kilimanjaro Rescue Operation that must be performed in times of medical emergencies.

The Kilimanjaro Helicopter Rescue is used in rare cases when a trekker is seriously ill on the mountain. Our experienced and well trained pilots conduct this rescue operation diligently.

Your Kilimanjaro Safety is our highest precedence. For trekkers who are unable to climb any further due to altitude sickness we provide Portable Stretcher On Kilimanjaro. The guides and other Kilimanjaro park rangers rescue team will assist the climber.

For climbers feeling severely ill, we provide them with medical attention immediately. Our Kilimanjaro Rescue and Safety team will start the climbers evacuation process. A ranger post will send a rescue car to pick the sick climber and transfer to the hospital for medical assistance.

The below Kilimanjaro Rescue faqs will help you prepare mentally for the trip.

What Kind Of Travel Insurance Do My Clients Need For A Helicopter Evacuation On Mount Kilimanjaro?

They should ensure to bring a travel insurance which covers Medical Evacuation up to 6,000 Meters, above sea level. Our Kilimanjaro Air Rescue will help them evacuate from the summit routes.

Is It Possible For Kilimanjaro Sar To Evacuate A Client Without A Proper Insurance?

Yes, it’s possible for Kilimanjaro SAR to evacuate a climber even though they do not have a proper insurance. However they will have to pay for evacuation costs after they are fully recovered.

What Do I Do If My Client Doesn’t Have This Kind Of Insurance?

If the client does not have an insurance that covers up to 6000 m above seas level, then they will have to pay the evacuation cost directly after they have recovered. Or you can ask them to contact a company who provides an insurance that covers such an altitude security.

Why Do Standard Insurance Packages Do Not Cover High Altitude Trekking?

Many travellers experience Mount Kilimanjaro Altitude Sickness. Due to this the Kilimanjaro AMS Rescue coverage is also necessary in your Travel Insurance. But there is huge riskimplicated for the insurance company implying less profit. As the risk of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) increases dramatically above 2800 Meters the average cost of evacuation also increases exponentially.

Snow Africa Adventures is concerned not only for your safety and security but also makes sure you have immense fun on the summit. Don’t wait long and start booking your Kilimanjaro trip with us now!

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Climbing FAQ

The iconic mountain which considered as the roof of Africa attracts more than 30,000 trekkers every year not only because of its height but also because of the panoramic view of the mountain. While Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is not for the faint-hearted, but for many trekking enthusiasts, this is a dream to climb Kilimanjaro to touch the snow-capped summit.

Dry season from June to October and December to march has good scenery, good view and high percent of summit successful rate.

According to us. Lemosho is the best ascending Route while Machame route being the second and Rongai route being the third best route.

Kilimanjaro international Airport is the Kilimanjaro and safari gateway. You will be taken from there to Arusha City one or Moshi town one hour for overnight. The following day drive to Kilimanjaro mountain park gates.

You need layered clothing as it is chilling cold up on the summit and all gears from Kilimanjaro Climb Gear List .


Don’t worry, you will not be alone in Tanzania. Don’t think you are a guest in Tanzania, you are our family member.