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You will experience the most amazing trip to Kilimanjaro with Snow Africa Adventures. We ensure your Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Cost is affordable and under your budget.The booking process is easy and smooth, and we always give timely comprehensive responses to emails and provide secure payments. Julius our main mountain guide from Snow Africa Adventures will pick you up from the airport to the hotel and return you later in the evening. We try our best to significantly lower your Kilimanjaro Tours Prices. Our support staff will help you in providing a detailed briefing about the Kilimanjaro package and inspect your equipment. We make your Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro simple and trouble-free.

Training To Climb Mt Kilimanjaro
It is very important to start training before you climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. This is necessary as it significantly increases your Kilimanjaro Routes Success Rates.

Best Time To Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
Snow Africa Adventures will provide you with all detailed information regarding the Best Time To Climb Mount Kilimanjaro for your relaxing travel.

Accommodation in Tanzania
our Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Cost is inclusive of the accommodation that we provide. Depending on the type of accommodation the prices vary. All accommodations in Arusha, Ngorongoro and Serengeti is top of the range and staying in them was equally awesome and worthy of the premium rates. Accommodation is a significant part of your travel cost and greatly impacts the Total Cost To Climb Kilimanjaro .

Food in Tanzania
Clean and decent budget restaurants offer food at affordable prices. On an average meal the bill starts at only £3/US$4.80.Food significantly increases your Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Cost .

Vaccinations and medications
Vaccinations are the major requirement of most trekkers and this also adds to the Climb Kilimanjaro Cost UK or any other country. You will need a shot for Yellow Fever that can cost as much as $100. In addition to this,you may want to get a HEP-A vaccination and a Polio Tetanus Diphtheria booster as well.

If on the trek you are hiring a private chef it is customary to offer them some cash in hand as Tipping On Kilimanjaro is customary. Snow Africa Adventures Kilimanjaro Guided Tours helps you reduce your travel stress as all your necessary requirements are fulfilled by them. Your Kilimanjaro Guide Cost is inclusive in the travel package however, the tradition is to tip your guides daily at the end of the day.

While planning your Kilimanjaro climb with Snow Africa Adventures, rest assured as Florent (the Travel expert) exactly understands what you are looking for and arranges the best travel services like the type of accommodation and activities at affordable Kilimanjaro Tours Prices. After you have decided on your safari package you can send an email to Florent, then he will send you the Average Cost To Climb Kilimanjaro depending on several factors related to your travel requirements. We recommend you to pay all the money in advance as it is difficult for many travellers to walk around with the entire remaining amount to be paid to the operators. This also helps us cover the Kilimanjaro Permit Cost that is required to arrange at the start of the trip in advance.

In short Snow Africa Adventures do everything perfectly. Your safety and security is our highest priority. All our guides and porters are simply the best! They strive to make your stay luxurious and easy even in tough conditions. We are flexible with changing plans as per your requirements. Lastly, we promise you will thank us at the end of the trip for the immensely great services that we provide. So don’t delay and start booking your Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with us today!

Florent Ipananga
Florent Ipananga Speak To Safari Expert

Climbing FAQ

The iconic mountain which considered as the roof of Africa attracts more than 30,000 trekkers every year not only because of its height but also because of the panoramic view of the mountain. While Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is not for the faint-hearted, but for many trekking enthusiasts, this is a dream to climb Kilimanjaro to touch the snow-capped summit.

Dry season from June to October and December to march has good scenery, good view and high percent of summit successful rate.

According to us. Lemosho is the best ascending Route while Machame route being the second and Rongai route being the third best route.

Kilimanjaro international Airport is the Kilimanjaro and safari gateway. You will be taken from there to Arusha City one or Moshi town one hour for overnight. The following day drive to Kilimanjaro mountain park gates.

You need layered clothing as it is chilling cold up on the summit and all gears from Kilimanjaro Climb Gear List .


Don’t worry, you will not be alone in Tanzania. Don’t think you are a guest in Tanzania, you are our family member.