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Kilimanjaro Climb Gear List

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Conquering the great mountain of Mt Kilimanjaro also known as the roof of Africa is an empowering experience to say the least. To achieve this grandeur of success we recommend you to use this essential Kilimanjaro Climb Gear Listthat we are going to share with you here so as to achieve maximum success rate on the summit. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is simpler with these gears and equipments.

For your Kilimanjaro Safety Snow Africa Adventures has compiled a precise Kilimanjaro Climb Gear List that you must consider and invest upon. You can also rent these equipments from us for which you have to apply beforehand as the supplies are limited.

Your pre and post trek activities are important if you plan to climb Kilimanjaro. You can train with various aerobic exercises which improve the function of your heart, lungs and muscles. This will help your body handle the physical stress of the Kilimanjaro hike. Post trek hydration and rest is essential for your body to recover from the continuous strain of days. After the trip the Kilimanjaro memories are something you won’t forget for a lifetime.

Following footwear is important for hiking Kilimanjaro:
1 or 2 Socks, wool or synthetic
Hiking Boots or Shoes, warm, waterproof
Gaiters, waterproof (optional)

Following Clothing gear is essential while Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro:
1 or 2 Long Sleeve Shirts, moisture-wicking fabric
Soft Jacket, fleece or soft-shell
Waterproof Jacket, breathable with hood
Insulated Jacket, synthetic or down
Underwear, moisture-wicking fabric
Long Underwear, moisture-wicking fabric
Hiking Pants
Waterproof Pants, breathable (side zipper recommended)
Fleece Pants

Head & Hand Gear:
Knit Hat, for warmth
Balaclava or Buff (recommended)
Head lamp
Gloves, light, or
Gloves, warm (waterproof recommended)

Choose your Best Gear for Kilimanjaro including the following accessories to stay safe and protected on the summit.
Brimmed Hat, for sun protection
Sunglasses or Goggles
Water Bottle (Nalgene, 32 oz.)
Water Bladder (Camelbak type, 3 liters)
Snacks, light-weight, high calorie, high energy (optional)
Extra batteries for head lamp
Electrolytes, powder or tablets (optional)

Camping Gear:
The various camping gears that you need to add in your Kilimanjaro Equipment List are:
Sleeping bag. Resting on a bed of moss and leaves may sound like fun, but it won’t keep you warm when the sun goes down. …
Canteen and water filter
Fire starter
First aid kit
Pocket knife
Navigation tool
Rain jacket

Travel Items:
Other travel items include various electronic gadgets like:
Smart Phone
Power bank
Solar charger
Portable music player

In most of the Kilimanjaro Faq we are asked about the various requirements on the summit. To resolve this query we have answered the following most important questions raised by our clients: Can a beginner climb Kilimanjaro? Yes, beginners can definitely climb Mount Kilimanjaro easily on the diverse routes like – Marangu, Rongai, Machame and Lemosho. Our trained Kilimanjaro Guides will help you achieve maximum summit success. These well trained professional trekkers make our Kilimanjaro Guided Tours possible. However whether you are a beginner or not Training to Climb Mt Kilimanjaro is essential to achieve success on the trek. How cold is it on top of Kilimanjaro? On the summit at the Uhuru peak the night temperatures can range between 0 degree centigrade to -20 degree centigrade. This is the reason why you must add layered clothing in your Kilimanjaro Climb Packing List to protect yourself from the harsh weather conditions of Kilimanjaro. What shoes should I wear for Kilimanjaro? In your Kilimanjaro Clothing List you must add warm clothes as it is cold on the peak. Due to the extreme temperatures we recommend you to use layering to protect yourself from the severe cold at night on the summit. Layering is defined as wearing multiple layers of clothing to keep your body in the desired temperature range. In case you wish you opt for Kilimanjaro Gear Rental you can apply for it during Kilimanjaro booking with us. The advantages of layering are that it is versatile, thermally efficient and space efficient.
Camera – Spare batteries and memeory cards
Personal entertainment – Books, music, diary etc.
Waterbottles – 2-3 litres, Camelbak or Platypus water bladders are great for trekking but may freeze on summit night. So take a 1litre Nalgene bottle as well (doubles up as hot water bottle)
Suncream and lip protection – 30+SPF
Trekking poles – Lightweight, see Black Diamond or Leki
Day bag – 20-30 Litres
Rain cover for day dag
Holdall – 90 Litres, for everything you are not carrying during the day, will be carried by local porter.
Dry bags – To keep kit dry inside of holdall.
Baselayers – Merino Wool or similar
Light fleece or Mid layer
Heavy fleece or insulator jacket (Primaloft)
Down jacket – You will appreciate this on cold evenings and during the climb to the summit
Walking Shorts – Great for the lower elvations
Thermal Baselayers – To wear under trousers on summit night
Walking trousers – Lightweight and quick drying
Waterproof trousers – Lightweight, Gore-tex, eVent or simil
Liner gloves – Powerstretch or windproof
Thick Gloves/ Mittens – Insulated, big enough to go over liner gloves
Socks 4x lightweight trekking socks, 1 x thick mountaineering socks for summit night.
Hiking boots – Waterproof, with ankle support. Boots need to warm enough for summit night.
Trainers or Walking sandals – To wear around camp
Sunglasses – Cat 3 or 4
Sun hat – wide brim to cover neck
Buff – Essential against sun, dust and cold
Warm hat – For evenings and summit night

Snow Africa Adventures provides its clients with an excellent climb, at affordable prices. You will feel secure, well guided with our responsible team steering you throughout the climb! Our guides, porters and staff are you deal friendly and treat you like family. Ours is a locally based tourism company with no intermediary!

Now that you know everything about Kilimanjaro Climb Gear List you can start planning your exciting Kilimanjaro adventures with us. So don’t wait long and call up our travel experts for enquiry if any regarding your trip.

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Climbing FAQ

The iconic mountain which considered as the roof of Africa attracts more than 30,000 trekkers every year not only because of its height but also because of the panoramic view of the mountain. While Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is not for the faint-hearted, but for many trekking enthusiasts, this is a dream to climb Kilimanjaro to touch the snow-capped summit.

Dry season from June to October and December to march has good scenery, good view and high percent of summit successful rate.

According to us. Lemosho is the best ascending Route while Machame route being the second and Rongai route being the third best route.

Kilimanjaro international Airport is the Kilimanjaro and safari gateway. You will be taken from there to Arusha City one or Moshi town one hour for overnight. The following day drive to Kilimanjaro mountain park gates.

You need layered clothing as it is chilling cold up on the summit and all gears from Kilimanjaro Climb Gear List .


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