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Guide Description

On your Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro expedition, you will be assisted by our expert Kilimanjaro Guides who will make you comfortable starting from the walk on foot of the summit until reaching the cliff. They will help you adopt to the walking pace and during altitude sickness, they will take excellent care of you.

Many clients ask us – Can You Climb Kilimanjaro without Guides? The answer is no, it is not possible unless you are a professional trekker. This is because climbing this mountain requires special permits and certificates which is provided only to experienced guides and trekkers.

Snow Africa Adventures top priority is to provide High Safety Standards to all its clients. Our Mount Kilimanjaro Guides are well equipped to handle medical emergencies andcan identify and avoid potential hazards such as slippery trails and loose rocks. Below are few things to expect from our trekking guides:

Why choose us when you have so many options right? We understand your needs and therefore diligently work towards fulfilling your expectations and try and exceed them. Snow Africa Adventures is humbled to say the least in the amount of effort put forth our staffs that help us gain trust and excel at our services. While Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro our guides uphold a high level of professionalism and still manage to have fun with the clients.

Expert Ability
Your Kilimanjaro Guided Tours with our travel expert working on Mount Kilimanjaro for years are well trained and experienced. Acclimatisation on high altitudes and the challenging climatic conditions of Kili are some of the activities they have already mastered. These meticulous trekkers are sturdyand capable enough to help you Training To Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro if you need it.

Mountain Knowledge
We provide Kilimanjaro Local Guides who are well aware of general mountain facts as they have lived their entire life on the foot of Kili. They will tell you stories from their lifetime and how they have been coping with Kilimanjaro climatic conditions since childhood. They can also provide extensive details of Kilimanjaro flora and fauna as they are well acquainted with the geology of the place.

One of our Kilimanjaro Guide reviews read:

Snow Africa organised perfectly our climb of Kilimanjaro. The team from our incredible Kilimanjaro Guides to our chef to all the porters were friendly, supportive and professional. I definitely recommend them if you’re looking to climb Kilimanjaro with friends or family.

We ensure highest Kilimanjaro routes success rates.
We keep Kilimanjaro safety of our clients as our top priority.
We will provide you with all prerequisite Kilimanjaro Faq so that you have all the required knowledge of climbing Kilimanjaro.

We are often asked in the various queries- Do You Need a Guide for Kilimanjaro. The answer is simple. Yes you definitely do. The reason being the high altitude and climatic conditions are not easy to tackle without professional guidance. So now the question arises How To Choose A Guide For Kilimanjaro? We have few tips for helping you choose the best Kilimanjaro Guides:

Choose Kilimanjaro guides who will pay attention to your behaviours and actions: Snow Adventure Africa’s Best Kilimanjaro Guides will constantly observe your actions and monitor your health.

Choose Kilimanjaro guides who are knowledgeable about symptoms and treatments for altitude sickness to attain high summit success rate.

Apart from this we also provide sufficient Kilimanjaro Porters to make your Kilimanjaro climb easier and more comfortable. So give Snow Africa Adventures a chance to plan the best Kilimanjaro trip of your lifetime. Book with us today!

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Climbing FAQ

The iconic mountain which considered as the roof of Africa attracts more than 30,000 trekkers every year not only because of its height but also because of the panoramic view of the mountain. While Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is not for the faint-hearted, but for many trekking enthusiasts, this is a dream to climb Kilimanjaro to touch the snow-capped summit.

Dry season from June to October and December to march has good scenery, good view and high percent of summit successful rate.

According to us. Lemosho is the best ascending Route while Machame route being the second and Rongai route being the third best route.

Kilimanjaro international Airport is the Kilimanjaro and safari gateway. You will be taken from there to Arusha City one or Moshi town one hour for overnight. The following day drive to Kilimanjaro mountain park gates.

You need layered clothing as it is chilling cold up on the summit and all gears from Kilimanjaro Climb Gear List .


Don’t worry, you will not be alone in Tanzania. Don’t think you are a guest in Tanzania, you are our family member.